The G7III 3D Satellite Tracker

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This page is for the unreleased 3dtrack, an application to show the location of a satellite in 3 Dimensions, as well as ALON and ALAT in a graphical form.

The image shown on the right, is called the 'Orbit View". It shows the earth, the satellite's orbit, and the satellite in it's orbit. Please note the satellite is not shown to scale, although the Earth, and the Orbit are scaled correctly.

The image on the left is meant to be as if you had a very long camera lens pointed directly at the satellite from the earth. It currently is show as if you are at the centre of the earth (see TODO list).

Both images are currently static, and were picked, in order to get the 3D basics done - Earth and Orbit size etc. The images are supposed to be showing ALON 0 / ALAT 0. MA is approximatley 32(modulo 256), or 45(modulo) if my maths is correct (Corrections welcome of course...)

3dtrack is written in TCL/TK, using VTK as a 3D Toolkit, so you will need TCL, TK, and VTK installed. Most linux distributions should package TCL and TK, and certainly Debian packages VTK, However if your distrbution doesn't package them:

Windows versions of both TCL/TK, and VTK should also both be avaliable from the above sites, and should just 'work', but I have no Windows machine, so I cannot test.

3dtrack is at a very early stage, and should not be expected to do anything (other than crash), but the _basic_ 3D work is complete. The remaining (current) items on the TODO list are:

I have some early code to communicate with the GSFC telemetry server, that currently does apply ALAT to the 'Spacecraft View', but it needs some further work, and ALON needs adding, not to mention MA...

The first picture below shows what the 'Spacecraft View' would look like at your location with a squint of 0 degrees, while the second shows the ALAT (26) today (24th Nov 2003) - note, no ALON applied yet. The third picture shows the view looking to the bottom (-Z) face of S/C

The following images give an idea of what the model of AO-40 will look like at different orientations. These are for eye candy purposes only at the moment, its going to be a while before the ALAT code is perfected, and ALON and MA code Added. There may be an extra view of the S/C added, so we can have a view from your 'predict' QTH, and a zoomed view of the S/C in orbit...