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Rachel ( called from
Organisation: R. Ziesk/Artist,Computer Grapic Design
Date: Thu Jun 11 22:07:57 1998


Dave- ( called from
Organisation: Students Anonymous
Date: Fri Jun 12 17:23:16 1998

urm, yeah, cool ;-)

----------- Student Anonymouse
--------------We'll get over this damnation!

Alfa ( called from
Organisation: Organisation of Equality and Whalekilling
Date: Sat Jun 13 18:08:35 1998

Great guestbook, I'd like the background to be in bright red (for blood) and the picture to be of a dead Whale.
I'd also like some better Image Processing of the Whale. I would also suggest some Natural Language Processing for coding the rest of your website which I personally think is shite and I'm gonna sue your butt for making fun of the bible on behalf of Pastor Edson.
Apart from that I would like to thank my parents that brought me into this world, my brother who's made my life hell, all my fans for making this possible and all my lovely friends who's been there for me, dead or alive, through all this shit.
My mug is green.
It says Landrover on it.
Does that mean I'm crazy?

_Al_ ( called from
Organisation: Obnoxious Anonymous
Date: Sat Jun 13 20:01:08 1998

Comment? Oh, ermm, well, it's a guestbook with a sheep on
it, it's obviously yours :)

Jackie ( called from
Organisation: Daniel's Notebook
Date: Thu Aug 27 20:29:39 1998

hmm, I wish you would change this shade of blue
it kinda reminds me of my old school uniform...

Organisation: NONE
Date: Fri Nov 27 22:28:08 1998


Nicola Henderson ( called from
Date: Wed May 5 20:03:11 1999

Hi Andy, I thought I'd finally check out your page. Not bad for an amateur. See you soon, Nic.

Nicola Henderson ( called from
Date: Wed May 5 20:04:43 1999

P.S. Happy 24th Birthday!!

Andrew McCarthy ( called from
Organisation: AHA
Date: Wed May 12 22:30:36 1999

OK, well it seems that there have been more problems with this than I first imagined. It appears that more ppl are putting in more than I thought they would, which isn't good. I think I first put the error code in to stop that because segmentation faults were occurring :/
OH well I guess I'll see if this works.

Thanks All for the messages ;)

Al Howat ( called from
Organisation: Blathering Copiously
Date: Thu May 13 01:00:16 1999

You're just spouting drivel aren't you :)


Andy McCarthy ( called from
Organisation: Cat Furriers International ;)
Date: Thu May 13 13:19:38 1999


Well Mostly ;)

Rachel () called from
Organisation: crap
Date: Sat May 22 15:26:36 1999

Hi Andy, I was just visiting Nicola's and we decided to look at the sad life you lead. Ha! Ha! Only kidding . the story of Naomi is quite a masterpiece! I've forgotten how to fix my computer. You will have to come home and fix it for me. Mum has got a letter from the student loans demanding all of the money back. You had better get in touch! Simon the scarlet pimpernel is moving again to BIRMINGHAM!! Anyway gotta go. See you when you come to fix my computer. Love Rach xxx

Dan McCarthy ( called from
Date: Tue Sep 12 15:32:46 2000

I was just checking out some heritage and looking for a good picture of a red stag. If I come across the right one I will get it tatooed. dan

Dave ( called from
Organisation: Work At Home Sucks
Date: Tue Sep 19 23:38:14 2000

Ok, well what can i say, it seems there was all this interest in Wooly at first and then nothing, well i'm not one of those people who only loves him for 5 minutes!!! my love is eternal.........and i'll update my bloody web page when i have some free time.....well actually since you mention it if you want to do a little coke carrying/clipping/sticking/buying fri/sat/sun i'll rewrite my web pages just for you!!!!!



melanie henrehan ( called from
Organisation: none in particular, but I work for RSA
Date: Thu Oct 5 16:45:38 2000

Hey there! I actually stumbled upon your page while looking for "Andrew McCarthy" links. (The actor that is). I read your page and you have a sense of humor I see. Well, just thought I'd let you know I was here...nice taste in music by the way!! bye for now :) melanie

Fredd ( called from
Organisation: Very bad indeed
Date: Wed Dec 20 08:49:51 2000


Marky () called from
Date: Sat Feb 24 10:10:01 2001

Only me, hows it going...

An Anonymous Comenter   ()   called from
Organisation :  
Web Page  : http://
Date : Thursday 5 September 0:26:53 2002
la la la la la la la la laaaaaa la la :)

An Anonymous Comenter   ()   called from
Organisation :  
Web Page  : http://
Date : Saturday 7 September 1:2:1 2002
la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaa la la :)

Andy McCarthy   (   called from
Organisation : Tra la la la
Web Page  :
Date : Thursday 17 October 17:55:18 2002
Tra la la, la la la la, tra la la, la la la la
Tra la la, la la la la, tra la la, la la la la

Four banana, three banana, two bananas, one
All bananas playing in the bright warm sun,
Flipping like a pancake, popping like a cork,
Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper and, Snork

Making up a mess of fun, Making up a mess of fun
Lots of fun for everyone

Tra la la, la la la la, tra la la, la la la la
Tra la la, la la la la, tra la la, la la la la


Scott Lewis   (   called from
Organisation :   Living Dead
Web Page  :
Date : Sunday 22 December 0:42:15 2002
Still using that spinning cube-earth gif huh... terrible show! ;)

louise   (   called from
Organisation :   england
Web Page  :
Date : Thursday 5 June 0:23:2 2003
Hi, i love your site and i think it is the coolest and i would like to see some more stuff on here for me to look at when i next come on here.

Sam   (   called from
Organisation :  
Web Page  : http://
Date : Monday 24 May 18:32:40 2004
Please can I be added to the section 'people I know'

Sam   (   called from
Organisation :  
Web Page  : http://
Date : Monday 24 May 18:35:46 2004
Please can I be added to the section 'people I know'

sofie izzo   (   called from
Organisation :  
Web Page  : http://spaces.msn/skofielovesantony
Date : Friday 20 May 14:34:25 2005
mmmmmmmm i waz wondering have u any thing on the bristol hippodrome?

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